OACBHA Programs

Culture of Quality: The Culture of Quality program has been developed by the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities (OACBHA) and its member Boards to improve the quality of the statutorily mandated functions of county Boards administering local alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services for Ohioans. The Culture of Quality is designed to promote community confidence and Boards’ public support through increased accountability. The Culture of Quality brings consistency to the local Board system through self-regulation while preserving flexibility for Boards to be responsive to the needs of their respective constituencies.

Community Opiate Task Forces: The Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities has partnered with the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services and Cardinal Health to help ten Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Boards (ADAMH Boards) coordinate the development of local Opiate Task Forces in 23 counties throughout Ohio currently battling the opiate epidemic. With the leadership of the local Boards these task forces have begun to take on the responsibility of coordinating the efforts of the medical, treatment, law enforcement, and community relation efforts to combat the opiate and heroin addiction crisis confronting Ohio.

Other Programs: As OACBHA develops  programs on an as needed basis to provide specific information or to meet a certain need. These programs include topic-specific and general brochures, educational pieces, and more will be listed below.