Culture of Quality

The Culture of Quality program has been developed by the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities (OACBHA) and its member Boards to improve the quality of the statutorily mandated functions of county Boards administering local alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services for Ohioans. The Culture of Quality is designed to promote community confidence and Boards' public support through increased accountability. The Culture of Quality brings consistency to the local Board system through self-regulation while preserving flexibility for Boards to be responsive to the needs of their respective constituencies.

The Culture of Quality transforms Ohio's behavioral health system by promoting a more efficient, effective, consistent and accountable county Board system. The program is based upon a continuous quality improvement model that promotes the use of quality practices in the administration of county Boards. The Culture of Quality leads to greater continuity among Boards, making it easier for consumers accessing services.

Objectives of the program establish benchmarks while recognizing the existence of varying approaches for achieving a "Culture of Quality":
  • Establish Statewide Board Standards ... One hundred and forty two standards developed after careful review of pertinent Federal and State laws, rules and regulations, or identified as quality practices within the system.
  • Implement a Peer Certification Process... A voluntary process, conducted by Peers and association staff, that verifies a Boards conformance with the Culture of Quality Statewide Board Standards.
  • Identify and create Resources... To provide information and to assist with conformance to the Statewide Board Standards.

The Culture of Quality Initiative is an evolutionary process that continuously looks for ways to advance Ohio's behavioral health system to a system of excellence!