Association Awards

The Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities each year awards individuals who have exemplified the actions and characteristics of leadership, quality, and legislative excellence. The Association would like to extend its appreciation to all present and past recipients for their efforts in the support of behavioral health.

2019 Association Award Winners:

CEO Award for Distinguished Leadership

2019Marcie Seidel
2018Theressa Snyder-Kane
2017Terry Russell
2016Sheriff Michael Heldman
2015Gary Mohr
2014Mark Hurst, MD
2013Brian Perera
2012Mike Dewine
2011Paul H. Coleman
2010Eloise V. Traina
2009Alan Johnson
2008Terre Garner
2007Tom Ramseyer
2006Tom Pappas
2005Gayle Channing Tenenbaum
2004Jay Salvage
2003Angie Bergefurd
2002Hope Taft, First Lady of Ohio

Advocate of the Year

2019Judge J. Jeffrey Benson
2018Joey & Mary Supina, Sandusky, Ohio
2017CaSonya Johnson, Portsmouth, Ohio
2016Council Chair Dan Brady, Cuyahoga County
2015Sheriff Matthew Lutz, Muskingum County
2014Mary Jo Carle, Marion, Ohio
2013MOCA House, Wooster, Ohio

President‘s Partnering
For Quality Award

2019Alisha Nelson
2018Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor
2017The Honorable Gayle Manning
2016Thom Craig
2015The Honorable Dave Yost
2014The Honorable Rob Portman
2013Jon Allison
2012Tracy J. Plouck
2011The Honorable Michael Skindell
2010Robert Spada
2009Hamid Mehrizi
2008Justice Evelyn Stratton
2007The Honorable Ray Miller
2006Donna Conley
2005Frank Hickman
2004The Honorable Lynn Olman
2003Greg Moody

Legislator(s) of the Year

2019The Honorable Larry Householder
(Accepted by The Honorable Jeff LaRe)
2018The Honorable Theresa Gavarone
2018The Honorable Amelia Sykes
2017The Honorable Scott Ryan
2016The Honorable John Eklund
2015The Honorable Frank LaRose
2014The Honorable Nickie J. Antonio
2014The Honorable Ryan Smith
2013The Honorable Barbara Sears
2013The Honorable Robert Sprague
2012The Honorable Chris Widener
2011The Honorable David Burke
2010The Honorable Ron Amstutz
2009The Honorable Linda Bolon
2008The Honorable Jennifer Garrison
2007The Honorable Jimmy Stewart
2006The Honorable Kevin DeWine
2005The Honorable Jon Peterson
2005The Honorable Tom Niehaus
2004The Honorable John Carey
2003The Honorable Merle Grace Kearns
2002The Honorable Jim Hoops